How Our Lead Generation  Process Works

How Our Lead Generation Process Works

Our lead generation process is extremely comprehensive and personalized for each client that we work with. We do not believe in formulas. Rather, we believe that a good marketing campaign is something that is personalized based on a number of factors to achieve it’s main objectives. No two companies or products are different. This means that the process to generate leads or customers has to be radically different for each individual customer. We have a  3 step methodology for all of our lead generation clients.

Market Research & Audience  Segmentation

Market Research & Audience Segmentation

The first step is to figure out who your ideal customer is and where are they engaging online. We do this during our market research phase where we study past data and the overall industry in general to create the perfect customer persona. This is also the phase where we create custom audiences on various channels where we are going to run our advertisements.

Designing The Landing Page & Implementation

Designing The Landing Page & Implementation

The second step in our lead generation service is to actually design the landing page. Lead generation is a multi-step funnel. A high converting landing page is a critical component of the funnel. The landing page has to match the ad-copy to increase the overall conversion rate and reduce the cost per lead. Don’t worry, we got you covered. We have years of experience designing landing pages across multiple industries and we know what works for specific industries.

Launching & Managing Your Lead  Generation Campaigns

Launching & Managing Your Lead Generation Campaigns

The third step is to launch the lead generation campaigns and have your dedicated account manager manage the ad-spend on a regular basis. Running a lead generation campaign requires lots of monitoring and optimization on a day to day basis. Our full stack lead generation service ensures that we take care of all that so that you can focus on closing the new leads.

We Deliver Actual Customers - Not Just Leads

We Deliver actual customers and even work with your sales team to better share information about the lead source and how to convert them into customers. For some business owners and business types, we do create a complete ROI reporting to track your customer growth from new leads. Our end goal is not to get you X amount of leads for Y amount of money. Our true focus is to help you generate leads that generate new revenue for your business.

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Owner at NYC Mechanical
“Their lead generation service was extremely professional and insightful. They did a thorough research of the local market before designing the campaigns. I am so happy with their service and the ROI I received."

Owner at NYC Mechanical

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