Our Team

Grant Findlay Shirras
CEO at Baller Media

I am a big numbers and metrics driven person. When I incorporated digital marketing into my other business I ensured we were tracking everything so that we can replicate the result for any person in any industry. I believe that there is a primary shift taking place as to how consumers interact with businesses. My goal with Baller Media is to provide a transparent marketing solution that yields higher revenue for your business. I like playing Tennis and working out when I am not crunching numbers on my laptop. I am a big believer that a healthy lifestyle leads to greater productivity.

<p>Grant Findlay Shirras<br />
<span>CEO at Baller Media</span></p>

Amanda Newman
COO Baller Media

I come from an entrepreneurial background, being raised in a household where my parents started and grew multiple successful companies together. I was going to work with my dad when from the age of 6. I got to see entrepreneurship firsthand from a young age, and it molded me into making smarter business decisions later on.

I successfully grew a business from a fledgling three-person operation run from a one-bedroom condo in downtown Toronto into a thriving multi-million dollar revenue a year company. We did it all using digital marketing and now I want to help other professionals and businesses with the same funnels that are generating millions a year for us.

<p>Amanda Newman<br />
<span>COO Baller Media</span></p>

Rahul Ghosh
Growth Hacker, Baller Media

Digital marketing is something I am really passionate about because I believe that people’s attention span is shrinking at a dramatic rate. I have helped several small business owners and entrepreneurs launch successful, scalable and profitable marketing campaigns. I truly believe that most of the marketing has to quantify to some sort of an ROI and I am extremely focused on that. Apart from digital marketing, I love reading, tinkering with gadgets and teaching what I know to others. My ultimate goal in life is to teach everyone what I do so that they can have their own self-sustained scalable business.

<p>Rahul Ghosh<br />
<span>Growth Hacker, Baller Media</span></p>

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