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5 Marketing Tools That You Should Use For Your Business In 2018

There are lots of marketing tools out there. Which ones should you use and which ones should you avoid. Check out our curated list of the 5 marketing tools that you should definitely use.


Instapage is a user-friendly landing page builder that helps improve the conversion rate of our landing pages for PPC campaigns. The purpose of Instapage is to create high converting landing pages so that you can maximize the ROI of your digital marketing campaigns. If you are running ads to a generic page on your website and hoping to have crazy conversion rates, you are kidding yourself.

Instapage allows you to do A/B testing with your landing pages while analyzing conversion rates. Conversion rates play an important role in determining the final ROI of your campaigns. We recommend that you use a specially designed landing page to increase conversions for your business.


Instapage-landing-page examples



Hotjar is another favorite tool that we recommend everyone to use. Hotjar allows you to track your website traffic using heatmaps and live recordings. If you just launched a new campaign for your brand, it’s important to figure out how your target audience is behaving on your website.  We use Hotjar live user recording to figure out how we can improve our landing pages and get better conversion rates. The heatmap tool shows where users are paying the most attention to the page. We use this data to improve our landing page copy or A/B test images.

Hotjar page recording



Facebook messenger bots are currently the most talked about topic in the world of internet marketing. We believe messenger bots will soon replace email marketing in the next 5 or 6 year. You see, we are not speculating here. The data shows open rates of over 90% for our messenger broadcasts. This is exactly what email used to be 10 years back. ManyChat allows you to create flows and sequences of Facebook messenger messages and send it to your subscribers.

manychat flow example for facebook messenger


Social proofs help sell your product online by building an instant sense of trust with your prospects. Proof is a useful software that allows you to share real-time data of new customers joining your platform or service. You can use it on your live landing pages in order to compel visitors to take a certain action. Let’s say if you drive traffic to a landing page selling a course. When your visitors see a real-time notification of others buying the product, they are more likely to add it to cart.

getproof ticker example



If you are using contact forms on some of your high-traffic pages we suggest you give TypeForm a try. As a matter of fact, Typeform can itself work as an interactive landing page to generate all kinds of leads for your business. Basically, you get to create this really intelligent form based on all kinds of logical conditions. You can build quizzes, logical forms and much more with their simple interface. Typeform integrates with Zapier so that you can transfer the form submissions to any CRM of your choice.

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